Nerd Perch Kids

Here at The Nerd Perch, family is at the core of everything we do.  Because of that, our product is often built with the assistance of a few children.  While we’re piecing together new signs, our kids can be found right next to us, hammering away at some old scraps of wood.  While we’re painting, you might find a toddler or two creating a finger painting masterpiece.  While we’re busy designing the latest and greatest nerd decor, our teenager is sketching away, giving us piles of inspiration.

We have definitely had our fair share of challenges, too.  There are times when cooperation is simply not on the agenda and we find ourselves reading books, having impromptu dance parties, and making paper airplanes instead. Nursing a baby and painting simultaneously is a skill that not many mothers have had to master, but it’s a skill we get to work on daily!  We are still, however, trying to invent a saw that can be operated quietly during nap time, please let us know if you have one!

Through it all, we remain incredibly excited to take our kids on this nerdy adventure with us.  When we hear them quoting Star Wars, weeping while reading Harry Potter, or singing along with The Nightmare Before Christmas, our nerdy hearts flutter with pride.  After all, our kids are our endless source of nerdspiration.

Photos by Road West Photography


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